You don’t work it out

I’m a left-brained, intellectual thinker by nature with a prior career in hairy, stress-laden program management.   I have the scars and I’ve enjoyed the big salaries so I must be good at what I do, right? I know what to do, when to do it, and I can make it all happen, right?

Except when it comes to a knee injury I still can’t get fixed after several years of trying.  I should know better, it should be done by now and it’s frustrating the heck out of me. It’s seriously impacted my gait which in turn irks me even more.  There are YouTube videos on everything you can think of including how to pronounce the Japanese department store Uniqlo so I can’t lose, right? I have everything I need.  I’ve seen a range of phyisos and massage therapists and osteopaths and I’m still not done. So why am I not there yet, why is it taking so long?

Because I keep looking at what is, getting frustrated at what I see and trying to ‘fix’ what I have ‘over here’ in my current reality.  But I can never ‘fix’ what I don’t like over here if I keep focusing on what I don’t like over here. Instead I should be picturing myself over there, with targetted feelings, as fit, active, happy and walking with ease and confidence.

I’ve spent years reading about this metaphysical stuff and have never had the courage, as all the prominent writers and bloggers would advise,  to simply give up and let go. We intuitively feel like doing that when we are beyond frustrated and no longer know what to do, or rather what we believe, as intellectual planners, what the best thing is to do.  Now I’ve come to know that giving up (temporarily that is, but not giving in, on your dreams) actually puts you closer to your dreams because a little emotional relief is way better than frustration at not getting anywhere.

When I practise this change in attitude the magic happens.  I’ve adopted a different perspective and might then realise I need to work on my other leg first or try a particular stretch I hadn’t thought of before.  Why is it magic? Because it feels like clarity, it feels like progress, it feels like more of where I want to be and haven’t felt this way before, it feels like I’ve been shown what I most need to do, right here, right now, and something I just wouldn’t have thought of in a million years at least not with the mindset I was holding before.  Then the YouTube stretch for what I need to do pops up on my laptop without my doing and it all makes so much sense now. The video was there all along but for some reason I had chosen to discount it.

We are dreamers by design, architects of our reality with our own unique perspective on ‘everything that (already) is’.  Our job is to design the show, our lives, by our thoughts and feelings and ‘follow orders’ to get there given by a benevolent and higher intelligence of more than we could ever contemplate as a mere human being, delivered via our instinct, our insights, our inspiration and our hunches … essentially our gut feeling.  We do the wishing and the Universe orchestrates the piece parts for us and the crux of this post is to be wary of trying to do Universe’s job. You don’t work it out, you declare how it’s going to be, Universe works it for you.  You can try the ‘conventional’ approach but you’ll get mediocre results at best while you’re fixated on here when you want to be over there. As Bashar says, ‘it’ll take as long as you think it will take’.

Imagine and feel it done now and it happens rapidly and that’s what we label as miracles.  Good deal, methinks.


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You have the power to live a life of your choosing

Hi guys, I’m, back, couldn’t stay away.  I think I was born to write and share what I’ve learned so that others may benefit.

I’m writing a book and will be sharing my musings and drafts here.  Hope you like what you see! As always, feel free to add comments to the mix for the benefit of all 🙂


Right now  you’re living the life of your willdest dreams.  What? Wildest dreams? So where is my fleet of sports cars and my international portfolio of mansions?  You don’t have them because you haven’t dreamt wldly about them or, more likely, have never believed you could have them.

Buddha once said “What youi think about, you become”  That can be extrapolated to arrive at the conclusion that what you have become is a result iof what you have thought about.  Everything we now perceive is simply a result of what we have imagined and have expected to show up for us. The world as we see it is only our perception of it, our interpreation of it (safe,,happy, benevolent) and that snarly boss we have to contend with each mornng at work is jusr how we pictured them to be (and probaby because we experienced them as snarly the day before and we continue to be bothered by them).

We can change that, however, by choosing a brighter and more cheery version of our boss.  When we change our minds and choose a different path of thought, which is our free will as sentient beings, then our external world begins to change, to ‘catch up’ with our internal world, the imagery we hold in our heads.  When you begin to fully embrace this concept then you begin to realise that there is no external world !!! it is just a movie being played out in front of us, our movie, the movie of our choice and the movie we scripted, designed and produced.  This then is a fabulous gift, our external world being a playground pr canvas on which to refine, create or wipe out all together, at our choosing.

If we were to take a more pleasing (to us) view of our boss and to hold that image until it materialised for us then our snarly boos would start to appear as more friendly and less hostile or would disappear from our experience altogether by way of a promotion for example.  Our boss may have been kind and forgiving all along and we ourselves may have been the ones feeling routinely snary at him/her and possibly others too. Either way, it doesn’t matter, you get to experience outside what you hold inside. It’s important to note that we can’t change our boss, only our perception of them. but that’s the essence of what we truly want anyway, right

Life doesn’t happen to us, life happens for us to reveal to us what we are thinking, what we believe to be true and what we expect will turn out for us.


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I’m done!

Dear beautiful readers,

This will be my final blog post because I’ve finally achieved what I set out to do and share along the way via this blog: reach financial freedom.

This doesn’t mean I’m a billionaire, or millionaire even, because that in itself doesn’t give me freedom. While I went from website to website that had any mention of the word abundance in it, what I really wanted was freedom over my reality, my experience.

So I’ve come to learn that there truly is nothing outside of me. This world is a dream, an illusion and what I don’t like about it is still in my life because of super stubborn beliefs I have about it and the emotional pull that it has had over me, especially money.

This is a game where there is no time or space and you simply pick a reality you prefer, know that it exists and choose increasingly exciting thoughts that it represents, to bring it into being. There is only you and your god/universe/source/spirit, guiding you to what you want via your emotions.

So I don’t need to conjure abundant thoughts to see money in my life. I just need to know there’s already a version of me as a millionaire, on the quantum field, waiting for me to catch up with it, if that’s what I want to be and have. It exists. So too does the person who gets $100 each Monday, $4,000,000 every other Thursday and 1c every Friday, if you believe it and want it.

This has given me great peace over my experience and I’ve come to realise I’m not getting what I think I want because deep down I don’t really want it right now. I may in the ‘future’, who knows, I’m evolving. What I have really wanted is to know I can have what I want and I have it now.

I’ve seen money show up for me in exciting ways to provide me with what I saw myself as having. I don’t work out how, I don’t work out when (there is no time), I just think of the next thing I want and a loving, benevolent and guiding force will take me there.

It works and I’ve seen it work. Now that’s freedom over money.

Thank you for all your readership and may you, too, realise what you’re dreaming up.

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It’s still your game, down to the last dime of it

I’ve made enormous progress in the 6 months I’ve been away and wanted to share with you all.

I’ve gone through 3, maybe 4, ‘deep dives’ over the 6 months into how I feel about money and came up with increased clarity, conviction and confidence that I, and only I, control the flow of money in my life.  I’ve spent a looooong time visualising and feeling abundant and it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I realised that this work is done, but the fruits not yet ‘released’.  What I need to do more of is grow my beliefs, remove my blocks and generate more excitement in its coming about.


I’d developed the habit of dreaming of plenty of money when I was suffering so badly from the lack of it and the impending fear of something unwanted happening as a result, just to make me feel better!  It did, but only for the time I was doing it!  There were still strong undercurrents playing out and no real attitudinal changes until one day it became so severe that I tuned into this youtube meditation on releasing anxiety and worry and fear.

This audio began to shift the conditioned thinking and neural pathways that kept telling me that the money I want is unattainable and I am just a lowly consciousness noobie without a chance in hell in mastering my money.  I realised that I would never get to plenty until I was happy where I was and stop indulging my fears.  Phew!  That was painful but a much needed step in the right direction and thoughts of ‘there is only the NOW from which to create your future’ were a real tonic in helping to look at my fears, feel bigger than them and gradually dissolve them.  Things started to improve and none of my fears transpired … isn’t that always the way although we can’t see it at the time?

Whose money

I started to notice money was indeed flowing more freely but it was from state handouts, freebies and family donations.  While I didn’t resist this kindness it certainly wasn’t the form in which I wanted it to appear!  I began to realise that yes, it is all around, and it is available and ‘apparent’ to the extent that you can see it.  Why didn’t I want to get a ‘job’ like everyone else?  (the last piece of the answer only arrived today).  I couldn’t work it out, although I conjured plenty of ways I wanted to contribute and know I can be of huge value.  I just didn’t feel compelled, there was more I wanted to discover about myself and my attitudes towards money.

The job

I realised I was resisting a job because I had stuck images of nonsense, futile corporate meetings and endless strain and pain with no gain.  I’ve grown up through the corporate world and I see little value, never mind purpose, in much of what goes on in boardrooms.  Again, my perception.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  The last job I had was quite cushy, well paid and hit most of the pieces on my script.  First level interviews started to flow when I gave that up and developed a rosier image of ‘work’.  I could see myself in a job and making my own money but still something wasn’t quite right.

How do you feel about people paying you what you want to be paid?

I have big desires and I kept hearing my stakeholders telling me to ‘just get a job’!  Well, I don’t want just any old ‘job’ and I couldn’t entertain how all my desires were going to be financially met by ‘just a job’.  I dreamed of abundance but still I just couldn’t see it happening.

Again and again I was pulled to the principles of consciousness in that there is only the NOW, the result of the collection of your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations, the idea of TIME in that there isn’t any (what will happen next week is only a result of what you expect to happen next week) and ALL THAT IS.  There’s only YOU, NOW, and in a sea of infinite possibilities, constrained only by your imagination.

You are entitled to experience whatever you dream up and there is always an energy-matching ‘donor’ that is inspired by the Universe to give you what you ask for (unless you’re an alchemist from the days of Newton where you can turn lead directly into gold without any help!).  This was the piece that I was missing, that there is some corporation, entity or person, who will be inspired to go looking for me.  There will be people who want to pay me for my outrageous demands.  They will see something I have that I either don’t see or downplay it and would be quite happy to trade their mighty cash for the value I can bring.  You’re not on your own and your wishes are not ludicrous.  Your job is to desire and you’re supposed to realise your desires and the Universe gathers all co-operative components for you to meet that desire.

You are the designer, the creator, the movie-maker.  Hey, that rhymes and with some sweet cadence!  I needed a deeper realisation of my power over my experience and every time I visited jobs and money I just assumed it was out there, someone else’s design, and beyond my control.  No more!

As I wrote some months back, I’ve always felt my work here was to truly feel dominion over my money, i.e. how I felt about my money, and it always feels delicious gaining new insights and seeing how the world mirrors my healthier perspectives.

Here are some of the beliefs I regularly remind myself of that I hope are of benefit to you.

  • I can change my world for the better

  • I can move from surviving to thriving

  • I keep forgetting the power I have over the money in my life

  • This is the work I came here to do so I settle in and accept the ride

  • My work is to understand my power for creating money not at what will hit my bank account next week

  • My experience is just a mirror and I have the power to change that mirror

  • Money is only energy and a reflection of my dominant thoughts

  • My world is just a mirror reflection of what I feel inside

  • Right here right now I have money for what I want and there is only the NOW

  • I need do nothing to see money in my life but think about it. I am a conscious creator

  • What I am wanting already exists in thought form

  • This is the only way this world works and it is based on thought

  • Everything I am experiencing is only ever a result of previous thought

  • This is an inside-out world and money only ever comes from Source not from this world

  • Money comes from Source and I deserve whatever I think up, buttons and castles alike.

  • It is normal, Source makes it happen for me

  • As I think, co-operative components are being assembled for me

  • The Universe wants me to desire and create for the sake of greater experience and self-realisation

  • The whole Universe is on my side.

  • I am loved and provided for and people are being inspired to give me what I want

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So how much money do you want? (Hint: it’s not the money you want!)

You always have, right here right now, exactly the amount of money that you have been thinking about and, from a broader perspective, the amount of money that you have always been wanting. Yes, I meant what I said, and there have been countless times that I’ve read those words and wanted to strangle the author!

Why on earth would I want this financial struggle?  Well, to begin with, if I didn’t believe that I wanted this then I would just discount it as nonsense and add another 10 hours to my 80 hour work week in the hope of making more money. But by entertaining the idea, as crazy as it may seem, it means you are open to the idea, however painful it may seem, it’s just that you don’t have the answers … yet.  You’re open to the idea because deep down you know it’s an illusion, the whole concept of limits is an illusion, and you want to use your experience of limitation to create a new and improved, more abundant version of yourself.

Never forget that you are the master of your experience, every last dime and detail of it.  Don’t forget either that money, like people, situations and synchronicities are the vehicles or the ‘hows’ to getting what you really want. Do you really want coloured paper to wallpaper your bedroom wall or what that coloured paper will bring you?  As I learned to master the energy around money I began to realise that I was trying to work out how to ‘get’ money and was succeeding without realising it.  I was getting frustrated, however, that it wasn’t the huge amounts I’d been dreaming about. I was getting money, always, and it was always enough for more of what I could see around me, enough for what I was conscious to. When you think of winning the lottery how much effort do you put into what the money would be spent on and the joy that provides for you and others? I’ll think about that when I get the money is most people’s response.

David Cameron Gikandi, a creative consultant to the making of The Secret, writes in his fabulous book A Happy Pocket Full of Money that it is our ‘internal wealth’ that drives how much money we have.  I expect we all know there is nothing outside of us, jobs, conditions or qualifications, for us to realise what we are wanting but the wanting of money, the interim step, is folly. Wealth just means plenty, the absence of limits or restriction and consciousness means experiencing having so does looking at paper money or electrons on a screen make you feel plentiful?  Seeing a large amount is exciting but doesn’t (yet) fill you with the feelings of plentiful abundance and wealth (all the same thing).

Instead you must develop a practice of feeling having all those things that a million dollars, for example, would bring you such as a sports car or new home. Anything you think about has already been provided for you, never forget that.  Make a list and revisit it daily and know that your quantum physics’ attention to it will bring it into your reality (or any other belief system you have adopted). Feel the having of the yachts or not working or whatever represents an improved state of finances and you will feel differently. This is developing the mindset of wealth and from here, the wealth consciousness, you can add to the mix any current day ‘problems’ like unpaid bills. It will feel so much more comfortable to see them as paid when you’re coming at it from a different angle. Seeing the bills paid with this consciousness will simply draw the money, the resources, to you and that’s why Abraham, in their money meditation advocate simply thinking abundant thoughts for you to remain abundant.  You maintain an image of yourself that has plenty, everything, with images to help get the subconscious on board that you are genuinely wealthy.  Repeatedly seeing the bills paid with a poverty consciousness will also result in the bills paid but by family charity or your own social security check.  It’ll get done but not by you because you don’t have that requisite level of consciousness  That’s the difference. Conversely, feeling a wealth consciousness but with no material images to manifest will result in receiving expensive items that you probably won’t want.  So, feel wealthy, be wealthy and picture those familiar images into your experience!

A free copy of David Cameron’s book can be found here.

Please feel free to share any insights or experiences as a result of this material.

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I’ve finally cracked it!

I’ve finally turned the corner with my crappy money vibe. Reality is promptly catching up, my moods are elevated and I’m thinking more of other ventures. I see light at the end of this silly tunnel and excited at my prospects and future. These feelings are the financial freedom I’ve been looking for, not the million dollars and then, of course, once I do feel completely free then the million dollars will show up. Isn’t the paradox of metaphysics such a minx?!

How did I do it? Well, to begin with, I’ve been out of work for nearly a year and surviving day to day for the last few months. I’m highly talented, have earned hundreds of thousands as salary in the past, but I just didn’t feel compelled to get a job. I’ve only ever felt compelled to face this nonsense of how I feel about money squarely in the face and ‘overcome’ it. I know it’s all energy and I knew I would crack it at one point. With such conviction and courage I was prepared to live hand to mouth for the sake of my future, my family’s future and the general level of consciousness across the globe.

It’s the feelings, not the amounts, of money
I’ve written about this a few times but if you have a sticky money vibe already (who doesn’t?!) then seeing numbers will only bring up other thoughts of ‘well, it’s not enough to buy a mansion, though’ or oher such nonsense. What is important are the feelings improved prosperity bring, such as plenty, ensuring that they don’t overlap with your current financial situation else they’ll activate the unwanted that you’re currently experiencing. I’ve gone through a period of thinking ‘well, I’m obviously not being successful at a million dollars, maybe twenty thousand is more attainable’.

I started interrogating myself with how I’d feel with twenty grand out of the blue and I realised I’d always want more. I’d still have credit cards to pay off plus I’d always have more bills to pay anyway, like telephone, unless I lived in a cave. So, that’s not it, there’s something else. I realised that there would never be a financial ‘end state’ so I needed to think and feel now how I would think and feel as a millionaire, not only about my money but about myself.

It dawned on me. I would simply be happy about my money situation. I know I have dominion over my money but it is through my feelings about money that determines the flow. I would have a positive image of my money (and myself). I would be optimistic about my money and never bad mouth it. Many LOA coaches advocate self-worthiness which is essential but I’ve only ever seen one coach talk about the relationship you have with your money and that’s Morgana Rae with her Money Monster (your resistant, foul view of money) and your Money Honey (the flipside). I’ve intellectually known this for a few months now but only now really practised it and it does need practice, oh yeah.

What really is bugging you?
It was 2am (I get inspiration, downloads, sublime connection nearly every night) a week or so ago when it occured to me that my money was always ‘never enough’. That felt like a light bulb that lit up the whole house and I realised that if I were to become a millionaire I’d still feel this way and I don’t want to! I want financial peace in my life, so it’s essential that you, too, root out the negative self-talk you keep telling youself. These bugs, or monsters, are the ones that are keeping you from plenty and abundance and need disarming. For me, and the disarming must always be something your subonscious and current levels of belief can entertain, the antidote was to tell myself that right here, right now, I do have enough! That was enough (sic) to satisfy my mind and I naturally moved on to Eckhart Tolle with ‘there is only ever the NOW’ and Abraham-Hicks and ‘it is from the NOW that you vibrate and create your future’.

The mind was still on board .. yahoo! Peace, clarity, excitement!

So I started a practice of interrupting myself whenever I worried about a future bill going unpaid and always bringing it back to the now, that it doesn’t need paying now, my power is right here, right now, and everything right now is actually very, very good. That last statement is a real elixir to a runaway mind like mine! Then, and only when you feel relief, can you start thinking of plenty (don’t stop at relief!) which I imagine is quite easy for most but it must be feelings and not number-related to generate the right vibration. It will also mean a new you (a whole new topic) and you may find yourself seeing yourself giving to others as a person who ‘has it’. It’s all about balance of thought. It can be an overnight thing but it does take practice, practice, practice to rewire those old-fashioned views of money.

Lastly, you must expect your reality to follow suit
I felt so high with this months-long work and so excited about the future that I felt somethig was still missing. If I don’t expect to see results (and there is no delay) then I can’t expect to see results. It’s just an academic exercise. Again, construct your expecting statement that incorporates your current beliefs or is at least a bridge to a peripheral belief else your subconscious just won’t buy it.

Here’s my current meditation/mantra, all beliefs I hold and all resonate positively with me

– I’m a serial worrier and those feelings don’t match where I’m going
– I have enough right NOW and there is only the NOW to experience and from which to create
– I’m therefore grateful for what I have right now and feel a positive image of my money
– With my improved, positive image of money I can expect more improved, positive finances

And it’s working! the best accolaide being, apart from the visible money showing up, the positive money comments of those around you.

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Thoughts on expecting

If you can’t expect to receive the huge amount of money you’ve ordered up because it’s ‘too big’ a sum then it may be because you’re operating, deep down, a victim mindset when it comes to money (who doesn’t?) and that it rules your life. How many times do you tell yourself ‘can’t have that’ or ‘can’t do that’?  You won’t always have everything you want because as you approach it you’ll be wanting more, but your self-talk could be more like ‘that’d be nice to have and I’ll have it soon’. It doesn’t matter how hard you visualise and feel a million dollars, if you feel deep down that money is the ruler of you then you won’t get it.  What exactly is your relationship with money and who’s in the driving seat?

You may have forgotten who you really are, a slice of the Energy that creates worlds. Your world is only ever created in your head so why doesn’t that million pop forth or, more important, why do you doubt, deep down, that you can manifest it?

Take a hard look at your Self and how You relate to money. When you meditate and remind yourself of the endless power you have, especially power over money, you begin to rise above money and start to feel dominion and control over the flow of money in your life. The ‘sting’ begins to wane, you feel more in charge and you naturally feel more comfortable in expecting it to materialise for you. You get to choose how you relate to the things you want in your life,  buttons or castles, there’s no difference, except for how you feel about them.

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No more visualising … especially money!

Because it’s bad for your health! Ha-ha.

Say you want to get $1,000,000 for whatever reason or any other amount that is beyond your current reach. Well, just by wanting it you’ve lodged the request and it’s created vibrationally in a parallel Universe, it’s all yours for the taking, etc. so ‘asking’ for it again through visualising the money is not going to bring it home.  You need to be that person who has $1,000,000.

I’ve found, through extensive personal experience and self-inquiry, that dreaming of even having $1,000,000 and what I’d be doing with it just ain’t gonna work. Why? Well, you need to first ask yourself why you want the large amount in the first place and if it’s an amount that is way beyond your current remit it’s probably to fix a ‘problem’ and make the bad boy go away. Don’t forget you’re manifesting your money all the time to the extent of your beliefs and attitudes towards money, there is no delay, so what’s your problem?!  That million dollars is waiting for you to not just dream it up again and feel it more (maybe you should have two Maseratis rather than one Maserati and a Roller) but for you to shift your stinky attitude to let it in! (these posts are all auto-biographical by the way 🙂 )

Ask yourself also, why am I always in exactly the same financial place, such as ‘just enough’ or ‘struggling’ or ‘feeling stuck’ because there’s your ticket out of here. If this post is resonating with you as I expect it is, then your work is to remove the blocks by shifting your perspectives on money and not to picture having it one more time. These things work instantaneously and your work is mostly to remove resistance, by exploring how you feel about your money.

Explore the ‘process’ of money – coming in, having it, going out – and how you feel about each stage.  It’s good to have prior experiences to relate to in order to conjure up those feelings and behaviours.  I’m very comfortable with money coming in, lots of it, and have experienced it many times.  Many people aren’t, however, because it may bring up issues of guilt or ‘why me-ness when they should have it?’ etc.  I’m also comfortable having big money, too, especially as I have significant debt that needs settling meaning I don’t need to go through much decision-making on what to do with the money!  Anyway, that’s all changing.

Me, I still have fears about spending money, the money going out part of the equation, regardless of whether I’ve got $25,000 in the account or 25c. As I’ve written before, I want to feel comfortable spending money more so than having a million in my pocket, the irony being that the million will come when I feel comfortable spending a million.  I’ve come to the conclusion, or level of consciousness, that all the money I am wanting is wanting to come to me and will do so when I relax and remove the blocks, those blocks being the discomfort in spending money for fear of running out.  I forget that there’s simply more coming to me and settled on the line:

I enjoy and feel comfortable spending money knowing this is the way to open myself up to receiving more.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, these attitudes need not only practising mentally but practising physically such as recalling this phrase just before you go and spend money or even think about money.  It all sits under the banner I’ve adopted of ‘never feeling bad about money’.  I did this work a few months ago and got very promising results immediately.  I didn’t keep it up for some reason and it faded.  Revised attitudes need practise!

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Gating and objectives of ‘ladder work’

I come from a large-scale hairy-sized transformation program management background and the term gating is used to describe all the things that need to happen, be signed off etc. before moving to the next stage. It’s important to bear this in mind when doing the emotional ladder work and I wanted to share my latest ‘process’ with you all.

Firstly, as I see it, manifestation falls into two categories which can be loosely defined as a ‘thing’ or an ‘improved state of being’. My theme on this blog is always about money, by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed!

If you have plenty of cash and money isn’t an issue you may be wanting a hard-to-find vintage sports car or a home close to your children’s school with 4 bedrooms, etc. Both appear, for now, impossible but there’s nothing you need to do or be differently and some focused attention with vivid detail of what you want will bring it into play. This is Consciousness 101, a ‘transactional’ thing and a gentle holding of that vision and just a little bit of faith will bring it to pass.

If you’ve had a lifetime of struggling to make ends meet or are intrigued as to why your finances swing between the cumulus nimbulus and the earth’s crust, as in my case, then you’ll be looking for a different mindset. The mindset, essentially what your subconscious tells you how the world is made up and from your previous conscious thoughts, influences the conscious, mostly without your knowing (which is why it’s called the subconscious … der!) and in turn your reality and your experience. Doing something about that mindset requires continual ‘thought management’ until it’s embedded into the subconscious, runs on autopilot and doesn’t require any conscious effort like driving a car. It’s been fashionable to say it takes 21 days or 40 days to reprogram the subconscious but I think it doesn’t need to be like that (mostly because I simply don’t like that idea – too long!) You may be well along the path and just need some tweaks that you weren’t aware of yet and repeating the same old line every day for 21 days and then BINGO just doesn’t make sense. You’ll know when you’ve cracked that stage of limited thinking and you’ll be inspired to move to the next level of nonsense unfurling.

So, how to do it? I’m all about sharing hows 🙂

1. Forgivenesses
If you’re in a lot of financial pain then you must first take the sting out and with what you know now the best way to do that is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for buying into the ‘you don’t deserve’ or ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ you may have been programmed with at birth. Feel better about yourself and this ‘work’ that you’re doing not just to solve a ‘problem’ of today, not just as an investment for the future but as an investment for the future of the whole Universe. You’re undoing the nonsense and raising the whole consciousness of the planet. With a sticky subject like money can there ever be a more virtuous undertaking? Plus don’t be critical of your prior creations, they were magic when you did them, remember?

It’s important to evaluate what you’re getting right now and what feelings that encompasses. Feelings expose subconscious thought providing the best indicator of what you’re thinking. It may be sick of struggle or not having what you want. First flip the feeling around, e.g. to financial ease and with everything you want and just park it there, don’t entertain it yet, you’re not at the right level of consciousness. It’s still a ‘problem’ in your mind to be fixed and soon you’ll be feeling the solution. It’s critical to indulge the bad feelings as this is really where the gold is and where your work lays. Don’t wait until you get high because you’ll no longer have insight into what to practice and may be missing the mark. I spent a loooooong time avoiding my ‘bad’ feelings and attempting to pivot to what I wanted instead but soon got bumped back down because I hadn’t released the negativity by accepting myself and I wasn’t re-picturing the right state of revised being. In this example I didn’t realise it was financial ease I really wanted. I don’t want a million dollars and still be worried I’m going to lose the lot. I want to know where it comes from, how I can create it, how I can enjoy it and how I can keep it. I now know this is how life is supposed to be and I simply want to be in financial harmony with the Universe … at ease.

Don’t move on to the next stage, hence gating and objectives, until you feel good about yourself. It all starts with you, remember? You are the Universe and in some regards (it still spins my head to think about it) there is only the you in your experience. Everything else is put there by you. Subjective Reality as Steve Pavlina calls it.

In all of this you must use these words as a guide and adopt only what lights you up. Everything else you should throw away as more blog nonsense

2. I create my future from NOW
Moving up the scale and feeling better about myself I remind myself that I create my future, minute by minute, by my frequency. There is no future as we see it but just more events and experiences played out by our beliefs and expectations. I have the power to create my future my my thoughts and frequency right NOW! I find this line very helpful in shifting to neutral when I’ve had a bad day and gives me renewed vigour to continue my work.

Before moving on to what is wanted I must be comfortable that I am no longer pushing against what is ticking me off, thereby giving it fuel and keeping it in place. One way to tell is to ask yourself, if this went on forever, would you be ok with it? Contemplate that idea, let go of your dreams for one moment, feel some release, know that it won’t go on forever anyway and when comfortable, get back on the horse.

3. Everything I want and need has already been created for me
You don’t go out to the Universe to get what you want. What you are wanting is wanting to come to you. You receive, not get. It’s taken me a looooong time to get my head around this and this is the foundation for effortless and rapid manifestation. You don’t have to do anything, in fact you shouldn’t be doing anything. You’ve already asked for it, whether through images (the house) or improved states of being (financial ease) so relax and let it in. Yeah, let it come to you while youre on the beach, you don’t have to keep chasing it. Think of the different mindsets involved. The ‘chaser’ is always in a state of chasing, or asking as Abraham would put it, whereas the receiver is always ina state of receiving. This requires significant faith and a flipping of how were all taught to live to go and get what we want but we don’t need to. You don’t need to go get it because you already have it!

Take this concept to bed, cuddle it and marinate in it for as long as comfortable. Actually, you should stay at each of these steps until you feel a sense of release or completeness. Use this concept to then move onto the feeling of the having of what you desire. I expect all readers know how to practise the having but it needs to be done at the right stage of consciousness and I find the ‘money wants to come to you’ a most delicious pre-thought which helps me visit my feeling place more easily, quickly and often, the purpose of this post. Remember to practise the states of being like ease and comfort rather than your spending of it.

4. I know I’m supposed to have lots of money
Opening up further I find it good to revisit more spiritual beliefs to get the juices going. Yes you are supposed to have whatever you want. If you can think of one billion dollars then you can have it, in fact, you are supposed to have it, if you want to, for the benefit of this Universe and its expansion through your creative thoughts. You’re supposed to have what you want, although I doubt right now you’re wanting a billion dollars, so now’s the time to revisit those improved states of financial well-being.

Now you’re feeling positive and feeling like you can have anything, it’s important to address the flipped emotions identified in step 1. You’ll never make a million dollars if you’re coming from a place of struggle. You’ve released the struggle but you still need to embed the opposite, ease, in your mind. Think of a million dollars, if necessary, but dwell on how easy it is to have it. How are you making money? Have you worked on that? Is the million going to dwindle or do you have it established in your mind that more money is coming? I feel rich and expect more to come after spending it so that I maintain my state of still being rich!

It’s very tempting to ‘spend’ the money in your mind on what pleases you when really your work is to adjust your mindset to one of ease, continuing flow of money, comfortable spending, etc. whatever it is that you desire in terms of being. So, don’t ‘spend’ the money just yet until you see it beginning to flow in your life because you’ll still be vibrating its opposite and still have work to do. Don’t ‘spend’ the money on vacations and fast cars if you’re not yet feeling you have plenty and you’re not yet comfortable plenty more is coming.

5. Your favourite mantras
You’ve got the emotional opposite of your bugbears, financial ease for example, so now’s the time to go practise them. You’re at the right state, ideally deeply relaxed, and you’re most susceptible to the new ways of viewing your money, e.g. money comes easily to me, and you have no qualms in believing what you’ve just said. I no longer need to manage my money, it’s boring(!) and half of my spare time has now become free. My money is simply always there, I don’t need to do anything, etc.

Jose Silva of the Silva Mind Control Method has spent his life studying mental states and has identified that we are more susceptible, in the waking state, when we are deeply relaxed and our brain waves are oscillating at the ‘alpha’ level of something like 12 times per second. In a waking state, the beta level, our brains are oscillating at something like 24 and delta, the sleep state, something like 2-3. Silva understood the importance of reaching alpha level in reprogramming the subconscious and markets some audio beats that are designed to mimic the brain’s natural frequency at alpha level. I highly recommend looking into his work

6. Now add the detail of what’s important to you
You’re high, you’re positive and you’re in creation mode, now add some detail to make it real in your mind that further reinforce your desired emotional state, of ease, for example. My bank balance continues to rise and I’m so comfortable paying my bills I do them all at the beginning of the month and not on the last due date, for example.

No-one gets a million dollars cash, they get it electronically. No-one leaves a million dollars in a checking account, either, so what are the hallmarks of having it? Lots of investment accounts? Now’s the time to see the Maseratis in the driveway if that’s what you’re after. Me, I’m after freedom and spontaneity so a spare ‘travel’ account would work for me so my family and i can just get up and go whenever I wanted. I might leave $50,000 in a checking account for day to day expenses and, I dunno, haven’t got any further than that! Whatever works for you is important and there’s value in researching what rich people do with their money if that’s what you’re into.

7. See it all as done and explore additional mental states
You’re still in a susceptible frame of mind and you should continue there as long as possible. See it as done and sit with it for adjacent thoughts to come to support you. I now have choices, for example, in where to live or even in whether I go to work or not. I’m choosing to do what I really love to do like write these blogs and share my experiences.

8. Bring it back to the material world and be expectant
Coming out of your meditative state you should expect results else it’s all an academic exercise. It’s easy to get back into the humdrum of putting the dishwasher on and thinking it was all a dream so some more spiritual beliefs to hold in your mind might help you to remain positive, e.g. I know my money only ever comes from me and today could be starting point I’m looking for.

So, what can you expect to happen? Whatever you’re comfortable in expecting, basically, and it’s helpful to keep a collection of your success stories and a log of what works for you in remaining positive and optimistic. My line, which needs work(!) is ‘Today I expect to see greater signs and evidence of my improved vibration’. Again, this is a frequency you need to hold and is a delicate balancing act when you don’t yet have what you want! This is an ongoing exercise, at least daily, to grow your prosperity consciousness and the only limit is what you’re prepared to conceive.

Hope you enjoy and have success with this approach and please offer up any improvements, for the good of all, of course!.

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So, what are you in for?

That’s the typical line inmates use when ‘welcoming’ a new criminal into the fold and a line I use jokingly to ask people why they’ve come to the networking event, seminar, etc. that we’ve just met at.

It also makes me think of our purpose here on earth. We do have a purpose and it’s no accident we’re here. Answers vary from Abraham’s ‘we jumped in to explore the delicious contrast’ to some fellow bloggers, when experiencing that ‘delicious contrast’, exclaim at the top of their lungs ‘What on earth did I sign up for, here?!’ meaning that contrast isn’t feeling so delicious right now!

So, do you know the purpose of your trip here, your gig, why you decided to show up? In general it’s to grow our consciousness and drop the limiting thoughts that we’ve adopted and replay in our minds every second of every day that cause us so much pain and suffering. It’s to get one step closer to God/Source Energy/the highest possible version of ourselves. I often wonder whether, once we’ve achieved that level of consciousness, there’ll be no need to come back to earth to experience more of what points us, when we stop to look, in the direction of that highest state of consciousness, through contrasting events. If we all reach that state will there be any humans left on this planet? Is this what the end of ‘the world’ is all about and the last few of us scooped up by the second coming of Christ, the ultimate in consciousness? Dunno, but I do enjoy playing with these ideas.

Being here is an opportunity for us to predominantly either give or to get*, neither one being any more virtuous than the other, no judgement here, remember! Judging – oops! – by the general level of happiness in the world I would say nearly all of us are here to get, whether it be that million dollars, washboard belly or front cover partner. The irony is that when we are ‘awakened’ or reach enlightenment and get filled up with that which we’re wanting we’ll find even greater pleasure and satisfaction in giving! I don’t imagine many people do reach that point, however, and remain clinging onto their trusted illusions that take them to their death bed and beyond.

There are some people who naturally want to spend their whole life in giving, often to the detriment of their own health. Maybe they’re angels in disguise or their gig is to learn to give to themselves a little more and honour themselves.

Anyway, the best way to work out why you’re here, as a getter, is to see what irks you the most in this world and you can look to your parents for clues. As an enlightened-ee (I just made that word up) you know you chose your parents to provide you with the right kind of experience you were looking for so you can’t blame them for any painful contrast you’re experiencing today! (although it is deliciously pain-relieving to do so if you’re feeling helpless)

Me, I grew up being programmed with ‘never enough’-ness and a huge sense, I’m only just realising, of helplessness. I’ve come to realise that the shortage and never enough-ness, while painful, is not as painful as my feeling less than successful in releasing my natural abundance. It’s that feeling of powerlessness which is more acute than lack. Conversely, when I do my ‘work’ there is a much greater liberation and lightness of being the more I understand my power over my experience than I feel joy and excitement at having lots of money. I came here to realise my own power in creating my experience and realising my abundance being secondary. So the stories that we have bought and the stubborn mentalities we have acquired and are coached to exorcise are great indicators as to what we are here to, not learn, but unlearn. When it seems dark and never-ending you can’t go any higher and get greater relief than to remind yourself why you’re here and ‘what you signed up for’.

So, what are you in for?

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